Meet the Printable Dinosaurs in Bundle #4!

Funny Dinosaur Cards- Bundle 4

I’ve had missing dinosaurs.

Soooo- I managed to start posting the designs from Bundle 5 thinking I had posted the bundle 4 kits. Going back to do a “make up post” I couldn’t locate the photos! Sheesh, sometimes I wonder where I left my brain. I’m happy to report both brain and dinosaur pictures have been found, hence this post.

Above (top row) you’ll see the Love You card, Rakeasaur, and Nurseodon printable dinosaur cards.

In the center is the Skateodon (she’s such a happy little ice skating dinosaur!)

The bottom row features Marie Antoinette in Let Them Eat Cake, the Sexysaurus, the Thank You card and finally the Cocoa and a Good Book card!

I’ll post close-ups of each card soon!

More Cards in Bundle #3

The Printable Dinosaur Card Kits in Bundle # 3!

And now for the rest of the story, or in this case, the rest of the card bundle.

The previous post showcased the first few cards in bundle #3 and here are the rest for you!

First up-

The Yogasaur! She’s fun and flexible as she rocks those flowery yoga pants. Here is a picture of her “extras” for customizing your card and a pair of SheWrecks Dino Arms!

Yogasaur Printable Dinosaur Card Kit

And the card front:

Funny Yoga Card With Dinosaur


Queen Victoriasaurus is NOT amused.

Her card has some cute extras and as an all occasion card she’s also a fun card for “that thing that didn’t go quite as planned”.

Printable Dinosaur Card Queen Victoria Not Amused



The Sorrysaurus is a printable sorry card or apology card. He can also be used for pet sympathy when a friend loses a beloved pet. If you aren’t sure what to say, the card kit includes a ‘sorry for your loss’ extra.

Dinosaur Funny Card- Printable Apology I'm Sorry Card



Wine tasting? Wine party? Girl’s night out? The Wineasaur card is the best dinosaur wine card!

The card extras are fun and work for all those occasions.

Dinosaur Card- Wineasaur Wine Tasting Card

I hope you enjoy these cards as much as I enjoyed designing them for you!

As always, you can buy any of the download-able printable card kits in the Shop!

Dinosaur Cards- Yippee! It’s Bundle #3

Have you ever laughed until you cried?

Several people have had that reaction to a few cards in this bundle. I LOVE when that happens!

If you missed this post about the new Dinosaur cards in bundle # 3 here is a recap photo!

Dinosaur Card Bundle # 3

The first four cards in the top row are-from left to right:

The Leafasaurus

This cute dinosaur trying to catch an Autumn leaf makes a great Fall card. Of course it can be used for all occasions and there are some cute extras included!

Cute Dinosaur Printable Fall Leaf Card

The Mapasaur

Miss someone? “Wish You Were Here” are some of the sentiments included with the extras in this dinosaur card.

Cute Dinosaur Miss You Printable Card


The Famous Mona Lizard

She’s a rare enigmatic beauty for sure. The barely perceptible serene smile, the quiet demeanor. No wonder she’s the world’s most famous painting…and she’s an all occasion card!

Mona Lisa as Dinosaur Funny PrintableCard

Pigskin Football Season card

If Renaissance paintings aren’t your cup of tea, maybe you’re a football fan?

This pigskin football doesn’t seem to be enjoying the game as much as the dinosaur but I’ll bet your favorite football fan will like it! Fun extras come with this printable card.

In the next post I’ll share the remaining four cards in the bundle.

Take a peek at the newest cards in on the Shop page and purchase your favorites here!

More (Dinosaur) Cards From Bundle #2

Well, of COURSE they’re dinosaur cards!

It’s what we do 😉

In the last post I shared the first four cards in bundle #2.

We’ll take a look at the rest of them here!

This first card had me giggling as I sketched it. I sat thinking about my (much) younger days and drowning heartbreak sorrows in a vat of Ben & Jerry’s Chunky Monkey ice cream. It usually worked beautifully and so I call this one:

the Ice Cream Therapy Card

Printable Funny Dinosaur Card- Ice Cream Overdose

Meet the Finger Puppets card!

Just the thought of a tyrannosaurus delightedly playing with finger puppets is amusing.

I’m probably not the only one that  thinks that, either.

The Finger Puppets dinosaur card is definitely an all occasion card, and great for “never grow up” birthday sentiments!

Funny Dinosaur Card Dino with Finger Puppets


Next we have the Ice Creamadon with that happy face and ice cream cone.

Dinosaur + chocolate ice cream = happy face!

This is another all occasion, birthday, summer or seasonal card.

Printable Dinosaur Card- Eating Ice Cream

The last fellow to round out the bundle is

the Gentleman Stylodon! 

He’s a bit steam punk/ Victorian and has an air of dignity most dinosaurs don’t possess.

Just sayin’.

He’s a great all around card for that dapper gent you know that admires style, dinosaurs and a nice pocket watch.

Funny Dinosaur Printable Card for Man-Stylish Dinosaur in Top Hat

I know I’ve said it before but in case you missed it, each card is printable (you’ll get a pdf file) and comes with an envelope template, instructions and a sheet of extra goodies to help you personalize your card! They’re really fun to do and when you hand it to the recipient you can proudly say, ” I made it myself…sort of.”

You can purchase your favorite cards in the Shop!

The Dinosaur Cards in Bundle #2

Woot woot for SheWrecks Dinosaur Cards!

If you remember this post I showed a picture of all the cards in this second bundle of cards.

If not, here it is and below I’ll show you first four cards in the top row.

Dinsoaur Cards set # 2

Sooo- first up we we have the Gymnosaur.

She’s loads of fun for your favorite gymnast or the person that needs a gold medal!

Really! Her “extras” sheet has a gold medal.

Gymnast Greeting Card- Funny Dinosaur as Gymnast

Next up: The Heartasaurus

Sweet card for saying I Love You, Happy Birthday or a Valentines Day card.

Doesn’t everyone need a dinosaur Valentine’s Day card?

Valentine Hearts Card with Funny Dinosaur

The Hulasaurus is a fun card for tropical or luau party night, Hawaiian vacation, or maybe

for that friend that looks awesome in a hula skirt!

Hulasaurus’ extras include a fancy umbrella drink, of course!

Hula Dance Card Funny Dinosaur Greeting Card

And finally we have the Inspirasaur!

This dinosaur card is perfect for someone that needs a laugh along with a little inspiration or encouragement!

Dream big, fly like an eagle, you know what I mean!

This one is also a lot of fun for any other occasion you can think of.

Funny Dinosaur Card- Encouragement Card

As always these are printable cards to make at home (or at work if they’ll let you goof off)

You can find all our cards on the Shop page!


Next up- the rest of the cards in card bundle #2

Greeting Card Kit Bundle #1 Dinosaur Cards

A Few Dinosaur Greeting Card Pictures

Before I share what I painted in the last post (goofy dino arm) I wanted to share these!

I realized the pictures for the greeting card bundles don’t show all details so here are the remaining cards from card kit #1.

Below you’ll find (in order):

The Balletodon- Perfect for your ballerina, or dancer. Or maybe a wannabe! Or a klutz?

Cakeasaur- Happy Birthday Card? Retirement? Any occasion with cake?

Cleoaptrasaur- She’s just cool. And a Queen. And she is a funny dinosaur for your dino-fans.

Coffeesaurus- The coffee card is always good on a Monday morning. Always. And for coffee lovers.

The Dentistodon- All occasion card but extra fun for dental patients, dentists, orthodontia & dental assistants!

Ballet Card- Funny Dinosaur Card Dinosaur Birthday Cake Funny Card- Funny Dinosaur- Cleopatra Printable Card Printable Coffee Card- Funny Dinosaur with Coffee Card Funny Dinosaur Card with Dentist-Orthodontist

You can find them all on the “Shop” page as a bundle or separate card kits!


Bonjour! The French Dinosaur

A New Dinosaur Card


Bonjour mes amis!

Don’t you think the charming dinosaur mademoiselle is tres chic in her blue beret, stripey top and red skirt?


She’s got her own card kit with some fun extras I’ve painted (escargot anyone?) that you’ll find in the Etsy shop here :

Bonjour! French Funny Dinosaur Card




Jane Austen and the Dinosaur

A dinosaur reading Jane Austen?

Well why not? As any book lover knows, great books are great books no matter what your species!

Here’s the sketch of the “Austensaurus” and below is the finished dino.

Isn’t she lovely?

Dressed in her lavender frock she sits quietly reading her Jane Austen book beneath a willow tree.

I expect the Tyrannosaurus version of Darcy to arrive at any moment.

Jane Austen Card- Funny Dinosaur Greeting Card

She’s now available as a printable card kit here:

Alpineosaur -The Dinosaur in Lederhosen Printable Card!

Meet the Alpineosaur!

Sometimes silly things pop into my head. That was the case with this guy.

Why wouldn’t a dinosaur wear leather pants or yodel or blow a horn? Hmm, I guess he could!

Here he is getting his ink finished up and a bit farther below as the finished card.

The pictures look “slightly off” to the lighting at my drawing table, sorry!

finishing the Dinosaur in Lederhosen Card















Tadaaa! The finished card all printed up. Makes me want to yodel.

Funny Printable Card- Dinosaur in Lederhosen

Funny Dinosaur Card Bundle #4

There are some great dinosaur cards in these card kits!

To mention a few: the historic IT-girl, Marie Antoinette, appears in the “Let Them Eat Cake” card.

SheWrecks in a sexy blonde wig is featured on the “Sexysaurus” card… think, “if Marilyn Monroe were a dinosaur”…

Funny Dinosaur Cards- Bundle 4


The ice skating Skateadon and leaf raking Rakeasaur are perfect for the fall and winter months, or maybe as invitations for a seasonal party?  The Thank You and Love You cards are always nice to have on hand- especially if they are dinosaur themed!

Snuggling with a Good Book is great for book lovers and the Nurseodon Nurse’s Card is perfect for saying thanks to a special caregiver!

Both single card kits and card bundles are available here in the etsy shop: