Greeting Card Kit Bundle #1 Dinosaur Cards

A Few Dinosaur Greeting Card Pictures

Before I share what I painted in the last post (goofy dino arm) I wanted to share these!

I realized the pictures for the greeting card bundles don’t show all details so here are the remaining cards from card kit #1.

Below you’ll find (in order):

The Balletodon- Perfect for your ballerina, or dancer. Or maybe a wannabe! Or a klutz?

Cakeasaur- Happy Birthday Card? Retirement? Any occasion with cake?

Cleoaptrasaur- She’s just cool. And a Queen. And she is a funny dinosaur for your dino-fans.

Coffeesaurus- The coffee card is always good on a Monday morning. Always. And for coffee lovers.

The Dentistodon- All occasion card but extra fun for dental patients, dentists, orthodontia & dental assistants!

Ballet Card- Funny Dinosaur Card Dinosaur Birthday Cake Funny Card- Funny Dinosaur- Cleopatra Printable Card Printable Coffee Card- Funny Dinosaur with Coffee Card Funny Dinosaur Card with Dentist-Orthodontist

You can find them all on the “Shop” page as a bundle or separate card kits!


Funny Dinosaur Card Bundle #4

There are some great dinosaur cards in these card kits!

To mention a few: the historic IT-girl, Marie Antoinette, appears in the “Let Them Eat Cake” card.

SheWrecks in a sexy blonde wig is featured on the “Sexysaurus” card… think, “if Marilyn Monroe were a dinosaur”…

Funny Dinosaur Cards- Bundle 4


The ice skating Skateadon and leaf raking Rakeasaur are perfect for the fall and winter months, or maybe as invitations for a seasonal party?  The Thank You and Love You cards are always nice to have on hand- especially if they are dinosaur themed!

Snuggling with a Good Book is great for book lovers and the Nurseodon Nurse’s Card is perfect for saying thanks to a special caregiver!

Both single card kits and card bundles are available here in the etsy shop:

Funny Dinosaur Card Bundle #3

The cards in this bundle are some of my favorites!

You get the Leafasaurus, the Mapasaur (wish you were here!) The Famous Mona Lizard,

along with the Pigskin Football Season card, Queen Victoria (we are not amused), Sorrysaurus, the Wineasaur

and the very flexible Yogasaur!

Dinosaur Card Bundle # 3


All card kits have fun little extras and almost everything you’ll need to make these eight cool dinosaur cards!

You just need to supply the printer, paper, tape (or glue) and scissors. Easy peasy.

Visit the Shop page to see more cards and buy your favorite (or the whole bundle to save some $$) in the Etsy Shop!


Funny Dinosaur Card Bundle #1

Included in this set of eight cards are:

Alpineosaur, Austensaurus for you Jane Austen fans, Balletodon, Birthday Cakeasaur, Bonjour!

Coffeesaurus, Cleopatrasaur and the Dentistodon/Orthodontistodon.

Who doesn’t love a Dinosaur Birthday Card?

Dinosaur Greeting Cards- set #1

Each card comes with just about everything you need (not the printer, paper, scissors and tape) to print your cards at home and customize them. We’ve included a DIY envelope and some fun extras to make your cards super-special!