Funny Dinosaur T-shirts Pt 2

Yay! Here are some more of our awe inspiring dinosaur T-shirts.


The Clownasaur T-shirt!  Weird, oddly wonderful, and probably my Halloween t-shirt.

The Puppetsaurus T-shirt. Finger puppets were a fun past time for T-rex, did you know?

The Austensaurus T-shirt. An avid reader, she’s refined and ladylike. Need I say more?

The Happysaurus T-shirt! A cheerful dreamer, nothing gets this dinosaur down.

The Cleopatrasaur T-shirt. She’s Queen of the Nile, Cretaceous style.

Let ‘Em Eat Cake Birthday T-shirt featuring Marie Antoinetteasaur. She’s royal and looks elegant in feathers.

The Gymnastsaurus T-shirt! She’s flexible, bendy and an all around competitor.

The Nurseodon T-shirt! She’s “handy” with a syringe and bedpan. Get it? T-rex joke.

Stay tuned, we’ll be adding more shirts soon!