Funny Dinosaur T-shirts!

Introducing the SheWrecks Dinosaur T-shirts!

Sizing? Of course they come in Men’s, Women’s and some in kid’s sizes, too. Click on a shirt to see size and color options.

The Yogasaur T-shirt! What yoga lover can resist this hot chick in flirty floral yoga pants?

The Hippiesaurus T-shirt! She’s all about spreading peace, love and flower power, baby!

The Picassosaur T-shirt. It’s modern, angular and vibrant. Art lovers appreciate this.

The Sexysaurus T-shirt! Whoa, easy on those curves, baby. This is one gorgeous t-rex.

The Coffeesaurus T-shirt. Sometimes you just have to have a cup or two to get going.

The Balletsaurus T-shirt! Amazingly lovely, she’s perfect for any graceful dancer.

The Fridasaur T-shirt! The famous Mexican Artist- dinosaur style. Muy bien!

The Mona lizard T-shirt! Own one of the most famous cretaceous art pieces in the world!


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