Policies and Terms

This is the page where I tell you what’s up when you visit www.shewrecks.com, what information we collect during your visit to the site and general policies!

I’ll try to make it as painless as possible. Here goes:

When you visit SheWrecks.com you agree to our terms and conditions.

What sort of information is collected:

If you fill out a comment (nicely, with good manners please) we’ll have access to your email address.

If you join the Dinosaur Club Mailing List we’ll have your email address and so will our email provider (Mail Chimp)

We won’t share your email address unless directed to do so by law.

If you buy something from the Etsy shop (which is a third party site) they will have your email and shipping addresses. We will not collect or have any idea about your credit cards or banking information!

Search engines may keep track of your visits to let us know how many people are visiting which pages on the site.

This site contains copyrighted intellectual property.

Really. With the US copyright office. That means you can’t borrow or filch the artwork, designs or anything on the website.

Please feel free to share, pin and mention us on your favorite social media site and just email me if you have a special request!


Terms and policies updated January 31, 2017