Copyrighting Dinosaurs?

Tyrannosaurus Dinosaur Arms Cartoon

You probably don’t know this but up until recently I taught herb gardening classes online.

Over a period of seven years 10,000 students went though my free online class.  There were class videos (they are still available on Youtube) and students could sign up to receive the corresponding handouts.

Besides lots of students I also had content thieves! I didn’t know what they were for a long time.

Content thieves steal your stuff. Sometimes they reword or “spin” it with software made especially for that purpose and then they post it as their own material. Ick.

It was frustrating and heartbreaking to find that more than one person had gone though my class, stolen my materials and started their own website (and garden class in one case) using my “spun” content. Grrrr. I tried several things to “fix” the problem but didn’t have much luck. They popped up elsewhere.

For this reason when I started creating dinosaur cards I thought it was important to learn how to copyright my designs with the U.S. Copyright office. While copyrighting designs won’t keep content thieves away, it gives a gal a legal leg to stand on if someone swipes her goofy dinosaur designs!

Thanks to some very helpful videos by attorney Kiffanie Stahle at theartistsjd I was able to navigate the copyright process with only a little crying and now I file copyright applications for all of my dinosaur watercolors. (Thanks Kiffanie!)

Soooo…before you ever see new designs posted online they all go through the copyright application process which just goes to show:

You can teach an old dinosaur new tricks and you can copyright them!



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