Dinosaur Cards- Yippee! It’s Bundle #3

Have you ever laughed until you cried?

Several people have had that reaction to a few cards in this bundle. I LOVE when that happens!

If you missed this post about the new Dinosaur cards in bundle # 3 here is a recap photo!

Dinosaur Card Bundle # 3

The first four cards in the top row are-from left to right:

The Leafasaurus

This cute dinosaur trying to catch an Autumn leaf makes a great Fall card. Of course it can be used for all occasions and there are some cute extras included!

Cute Dinosaur Printable Fall Leaf Card

The Mapasaur

Miss someone? “Wish You Were Here” are some of the sentiments included with the extras in this dinosaur card.

Cute Dinosaur Miss You Printable Card


The Famous Mona Lizard

She’s a rare enigmatic beauty for sure. The barely perceptible serene smile, the quiet demeanor. No wonder she’s the world’s most famous painting…and she’s an all occasion card!

Mona Lisa as Dinosaur Funny PrintableCard

Pigskin Football Season card

If Renaissance paintings aren’t your cup of tea, maybe you’re a football fan?

This pigskin football doesn’t seem to be enjoying the game as much as the dinosaur but I’ll bet your favorite football fan will like it! Fun extras come with this printable card.

In the next post I’ll share the remaining four cards in the bundle.

Take a peek at the newest cards in on the Shop page and purchase your favorites here!

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