Dinosaur Pet Costumes

At Halloween I wish my dogs were smaller and my cats would hold still and let me dress them up. When I saw these funny pet dinosaur costumes on Amazon I thought you’d -enjoy them, too!

Oh, I should let you should know there are *affiliate links in this post!

First up:  The Triceratops

Triceratops Dinosaur Dog Costume

So cute! If I were a dog I’d wear one. They have several sizes available for this triceratops pet costume.


What Creature  Am I?

Funny Dinosaur Dog Costume

Is this costume a doggie dinosaur, or a dog dragon costume? Maybe it’s a chameleon? Whatever it is,  I really love the giant eyeballs.


Totally a  Stegosaurus

stegosaurus dinosaur costume for dogs and cats

Isn’t this Stegosaurus costume  cute? I keep imagining it on a black pug or some other short, stocky and wiggly breed.


Girly pink dinosaur costumes, anyone? 

pink dinosaur costume for cat

This cat doesn’t look at all upset about wearing a plush pink dinosaur costume, does she?  I’d be ripped to shreds if I tried putting one of these on my cats.

I Just Ate This Terrier

Pink Dinosaur Hoodie Dog Costume

This pink dog dinosaur costume makes me laugh each time I look at it. I swear it looks like the dinosaur just ate that little dog! Too bad they don’t make it in Great Dane size, I’d be all over this thing!


Do you have pets that would actually wear one of these? If so, send me a picture. I’ll bet they’re hilarious!


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